Udon & Soba Broth Concentrate

Mizkan Udon and Soba Broth Concentrate allows you to enjoy delicious Umami Taste in all your favorite noodle soup recipes by simply adding 1-cup of hot water per serving. Taste traditional dashi broth made with Umami seasoning with Tuna Broth, Scallop extract, dried sardines and anchovy extract to create a complex yet delicious dashi broth that is Pescatarian friendly.  This 12 fl. oz. bottle of Mizkan Udon and Soba Broth concentrate contains 12-servings per bottle with 2-tablespoons of broth concentrate per serving. For over two centuries, Mizkan has been committed to bringing its flavorful products to chefs and families across Japan.
  • Umami ingredients deliver a delicious Udon and Soba Noodle recipes

  • Perfect for homemade Nabeyaki Udon Soup, Stir Fried Udon, Zaru Soba and more

  • Mizkan makes enjoying authentic Japanese flavors at home possible.

Nutrition Info

Serving Size2tbsp
Total Sugars8g
Added Sugar8g

Pairs Well With

Mizkan Udon and Soba Broth concentrate is your perfect dashi broth base for restaurant quality Udon and Soba noodle dishes like Beef Udon, Nabeyaki Udon Soup, Stir Fried Udon, Tempura Soba, Zaru Soba and more.

Did You Know?

Uniquely blending premium umami ingredients like skipjack tuna, sardines, scallops and traditionally brewed Japanese soy sauce allows Mizkan to create a harmonious, well rounded, and traditional broth for deliciously authentic Japanese Noodle dishes.


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